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Entrée Salad Bar 
Entrée salads include: Hummus w/ veggies & pita chips + a dessert choice; "Chocolate Chip Cookie or Fresh Fruit".
Create your personal salad for dinner. Our dinner salad starts with mixed greens, chopped cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, & red onion and you ADD protein, toppings & dressing.

Seasoned Grilled Chicken
Choice of 1-1/2 or 3lbs of grilled chicken. For just $5 add a family salad or roasted vegetables.  
Simply serve the grilled chicken with pasta, rice, apple sauce, or slice it up & toss the chicken in a salad! 

Mozzarella Chicken with Pasta, TG tenderizes & seasons chicken breasts with salt, pepper, parmesan cheese & breadcrumbs. The chicken is pan-fried and then topped with ham & mozzarella. The Mozzarella Chicken is served over seasoned pasta. (This dinner can be frozen and is available on our "Summer Meals" tab)

Tangy Barbecued Beef Sandwiches, Seasoned beef chuck simmered for hours in TG’s homemade BBQ sauce then topped with shredded cheddar cheese…DELISH! To make it the perfect BBQ, TG will serve our coleslaw & roasted red skin potatoes (rolls are included) (The BBQ Beef can be frozen and is available on our "Summer Meals" tab)
All orders must be received by Friday, June 11th
Due to home renovations, TG deliveries will be on hold for 
the remainder of the year. 
Bone Broth, Hummus & Fire Cider is available for pick up
For more information send email to
TG delivers every Tuesday between the hours of 1-3pm to areas in Chadds Ford, Kennett Square & West Chester, PA
LOVE TG's Hummus, Dressings and Bone Broth?
You can order extra of your favorites from the "Order Now" tab!
TG's “ready-to-eat” family dinners will be offered as a serving for TWO or FOUR. Some dinners can be frozen for later! 
All dinners are served with a starter; a fresh green salad with a side of TG's homemade dressing or our homemade hummus served with veggies & pita chips and a dessert choice; Chocolate Chip Cookies or Fresh Fruit
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Summer Meals
Bone Broth

TG's Weekly Vegetarian Salad 
TG is bringing you a QUICK answer to a week of healthy midday meals!

Order 3 or 6 cups of TG's Vegetarian Salad: Add TG's Grilled Chicken, Stuff it in a pita, Top it with eggs, grains, or salad...endless opportunities for a week of healthy and delicious lunches!
This week's dinner specials:
TG weekly meals are paid by credit ONLY - TG's $4 delivery fee will be waived if we receive 4 or more orders for one delivery location.
TG's Pre-Made Meal Prices
$38 - Ready-to-Eat Dinner for 4 (includes starter & dessert)
$24 - Ready-to-Eat Dinner for 2 (includes starter & dessert)
$24 - 6 Cups of TG's Lunch Salad
$15 - 3 Cups of TG's Lunch Salad
$14 - TG's Entrée Salad Bar (includes Hummus & dessert)
$7.25 - TG's Grilled Chicken Only (1-1/2lbs)
$12.25 - 1-1/2lbs Grilled Chicken + 1 side
$17.25 - 1-1/2lbs Grilled Chicken + 2 sides
$14.50 - TG's Grilled Chicken Only (3lbs)
$19.50 - 3lbs Grilled Chicken + 1 side
$24.50 - 3lbs Grilled Chicken + 2 sides
TG's Lite Bite Prices
$5.50 - 8oz Hummus Container 
$7.50 - 8oz Hummus + veggies & pita chips
$10.50 - 16oz Hummus Container
$14.50 - 16oz Hummus Cont. +  veggies & pita chips 
$12 - 32oz Bone Broth Container
$6.50 - 8oz TG's Salad Dressing
$12 - 16oz TG's Salad Dressing

Israel Couscous & Cannellini Salad, Toasted Israel couscous, creamy cannellini beans, carrots, celery, red onion, fresh parsley & dill. A squeeze of lemon, a drizzle of honey and a pinch of salt, pepper, and garlic! Simple, nourishing and ready-to-eat all week long!
Look forward to cooking and delivering to you soon!