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Bone Broth
If you don’t recognize an ingredient your body won’t either.  TG’s Bone Broth is created by simmering organic and all-natural ingredients for 12 + hours. Just 1 cup a day will make YOU a bone broth believer!

Ingredients: Filtered water, chicken bones, onions, variety of root vegetables, garlic, parsley, dill, apple cider vinegar & salt.

What is Bone Broth?
Bone broth, or stock, is made from boiling and then simmering bones & other components for 12 PLUS hours.  
Most recipes use an acid such as apple cider vinegar to help these components break down.
The slow simmer causes the bones and other components to release a wide range of healing compounds that we don’t normally get in our diet.
And the taste is not only DELISH, but UNBELIEVABLY nourishing!

Bone Broth aka “Liquid Gold” is packed with nutrients, easy to digest, rich in flavor, and loaded with restorative amino acids. That’s great, but how will that benefit me? 

* It Heals your Gut

* Promotes Healthy Joints

* Improves Immune System

* Makes Your Skin Glow

* Builds Muscle Fast

* Detoxifies 

* Boosts Brain Health

* Combats Mental Illness

* Improves Sleep

* Reduces Cellulite

* Increases Energy

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